गाउँ फर्कनेको कथा | Gaun Farkaneko Katha | Herne Katha EP73 | हेर्ने कथा

कुसुम र साथीहरुले सपना देखेका छन् । गाउँ छोडेर पलायन नहुने सपना । यी सपनाका सेरोफेरो नै उनीहरुले बाँच्न खोजिरहेको कथा हो ।
#HerneKatha #GaunFarka

Story of an aspiring musician who left Kathmandu and started farming in his own village.

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==== Why Herne Katha? ====
People behind Herne Katha spent 15 years of their lives doing journalism. One day they realised the need to tell more beautiful and inspiring stories of people, the real people.

👀👀👀 Herne Katha 👀👀👀
Herne Katha is a web series produced by Tana Bana Digital in Nepal. We tell stories of people in the format of short documentaries. New episode of Herne Katha is published on every alternate Tuesdays (15 days) on YouTube. You can also watch Herne Katha on Kantipur Television every Tuesday 6:30 PM.

🚀🚀🚀 Herne Katha Team 🚀🚀🚀

🎬 Script/Direction – Kamal Kumar (http://bit.ly/KamalKumarFB)

👩 Presenter – Bidhya Chapagain (http://bit.ly/BidhyaTwitter)

🎥 Cinematographer – Jeevan Rijal (http://bit.ly/JeevanRFB)

🖥 Video Editor – Sandesh Pariyar (http://bit.ly/sandeshpfb)

📝 Producer – Enuma Rai (http://bit.ly/EnumaFB)

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