Timro Thar Mero Thar तिम्रो थर मेरो थर by PUSKAL SHARMA & SHANTI SHREE PARIYAR Ft.Puskal & Sabi2022

Puskal Sharma Presents:- Timro Thar Mero Thar || तिम्रो थर मेरो थर

🎶 Audio Credits:-

♪ Song:- Timro Thar Mero Thar || तिम्रो थर मेरो थर

♪ Vocal:- Puskal Sharma & Shanti Shree Pariyar

♪ Lyrics:- Puskal Sharma

♪ Music:- Puskal Sharma

♪ Music Arranger:- Krishna Kc

♪ Recording:- Khuman Rana & Suman Rana

♪ Audio Mixing:- Kumar Rana

♪ Studio:- Maruni

♪ Audio/video:- Mandir Music


🎬️ Video Credits:-

🎬 Story/Director:- Puskal Sharma

🎬 Artists:-Puskal Sharma & Sabi Sharma

🎬 Cinematographer:- Ajay Regmi

🎬 Editor/Color :- Dipak Vista

🎬 Drone :- Santosh Mahara

🎬 MUA:- Bimala Tamang

🎬 Post Production:- Mandir Music

© Puskal Sharma, 2022


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